Thursday, November 4, 2010

Epic Fail...But I'm Back!

Well, my intention of posting once a week has resulted in an epic fail, but I had a lot of fun while I wasn't posting!
I went up to the mountains and enjoyed the beauty of the lake and wildflowers. The colors were amazing and I enjoyed walking where the view was better than in the city.  

For the most part, all the people I meet at the lake are so nice and interesting. I have a theory that the farther you drive up into the mountains, the nicer the people are since they have the patience to put up with the drive. The campfire and s'mores were a nice time to get to know some of the other people ... and to just stare into the flames. 
I also went to a wedding in Southern California. The flowers were lovely and the bride and groom radiant. I loved that they had a photobooth there. We took a bunch of silly pictures and wrote messages to them. The only sad thing was that we got so close to the beach and never got to touch the sand...
...Which is why I was very happy to get to go over to Avila Beach! As always, the view from the room was worth the trip. I love being able to sit on the balcony, knit or talk, and listen to the sound of the waves.
We scheduled a boat trip around the harbor...or rather, we thought we did. The boat company was double booked and we couldn't stay until the next open tour. Instead, we walked around on the pier.
Tyler enjoyed seeing the boat lifted out of the water and loaded onto a trailer. A very smooth process! But the real highlight was seeing the seals and sea lions swim around under the pier.

When we walked down to the bottom level, we saw the perfect napping place...

His friend, however, was trying to entice him to play by swimming up and jumping into the air. Because of the delay on my camera, it took me a ridiculously long time to capture him actually in the air. (Don't even ask about the picture I captured in the meantime that reminded me of the children's book Everybody Poops.)
On the knitting front, I finished my Lovegood sweater. I must say, I don't like it nearly as much as I thought I would. I think it's the shape of the sleeves. They aren't as belled as the pattern. Also, I can't seem to make the button band not pull at the buttons. It isn't too tight, but it does not look as smooth as I would like it to look.

My side slip cloche hat, on the other hand, is so nice. I love the Rowan Soft Lux yarn. The angora makes it so soft and, well, luxurious. The metallic thread throughout gives it some sparkle and interest. (Yes, I have since cut the yarn and woven in the ends. I don't wear it around town with the yarn hanging down the back of my neck!) 
Despite my statement that I wouldn't be using fingering yarn again for a while, I couldn't resist using this beautiful gray yarn for a Hermione hat. I love how it turned out. I would make another one, but I would probably use larger needles next time.

The really sad thing it that I have lost it! I took these pictures at the beach and I haven't seen my hat since then. I am hoping that it is in a bag somewhere, but every time I look where I think it might be, it isn't there.