Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Patchwork Phone

I do sometimes seem to affect technology in a negative way...I don't know why. When my music player would only play the background singers and instruments and not the melody, I thought that was a pretty cool trick--IF I had set it to do that and IF I could switch it on and off. My phone has been giving me a few problems, but nothing I couldn't live with. Until it decided that it didn't like to have the phone on. I could access my alarm, my games (very important), and make out-going calls, but as soon as I finished a call, my phone would turn off and not accept in-coming calls or texts. Very weird!
This is a picture of my sister's phone, nearly identical to what my phone was except a lot more scratches and, well, working:
Now, most people would buy a new phone, but I really don't want to pay for data every month and I don't want to go to a phone that makes it harder to text (and secretly I don't want to waste my phone-buying budget on a phone and then have to wait two years if I decide to cave and splurge on an iPhone).
Instead, since my phone was practically useless, I decide it should be...taken apart. Granted, I didn't realize it would be quite so involved. I thought, just one little shift so the off button wouldn't stay pressed down. Instead it looked like this:Andrew was nice (and brave) enough to do it for me. My job was mostly holding the flashlight, keeping track of the parts for my phone and the spare phone, and saying "I hope this works!"
The problem...apparently the off button was pressed too many times. Who knew that was possible?
The end result looks like this:
I do miss my green keys, but as a whole it's a nice change--and it works! The black back can be changed back to white later if I get tired of it, but for now it reminds me of all the great black and white quilts! In honor of that, here are a few fun black and white fabrics.


JHRME said...

I like your patchwork quilt and we all know I'm a fan of the black and white. I think all of us who have yet to make the iPhone switch are holding out hoping that MAYBE, someday, they'll just drop the data plan cost all together!

live a colorful life said...

I have that "etc." fabric. Love.It.

Tanya said...

That's really fun! What a clever idea.