Monday, March 19, 2012

Doctor Who Swap Two (Part I)

OK, it's far past the time I should have posted pictures (long story involving taking pictures then a lost camera in a suitcase)....but FINALLY here are the photos of my amazing swap package.
I was so excited when I got the package, like my birthday or Christmas....I can see where swaps can get addicting. Each item I pulled out made me bounce up and down like a little kid.
 My package came in a box that was much bigger on the inside!
 The project journal is so cute. I got three wonderful dish towels, one with the Doctor Who logo, one with a Weeping Angel and the TARDIS, and one with an Adipose baby. And look...
...Adipose stitch markers, too! I love the TARDIS yarn and nearly swooned when I opened the project bag with the TARDIS in the Starry Night painting. I loved the "Vincent and the Doctor" episode and can't wait to carry this around with my next project in it. I do have a weakness for shortbread (yum!) and I am looking forward to trying the Ritter Sport Chocolate. How can you go wrong with milk chocolate on a butter biscuit?

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