Thursday, May 6, 2010

If you were in the parade, how would YOU travel?

We went to see my dad in the Clovis Rodeo Parade when he was walking with the CARDA group.He's the one in the background...with the arrow pointing to him ;) While it was fun to see him in the parade, it made me think about all the different ways of traveling in a parade and--sorry Dad--walking is probably lowest on the list. Similarly, the flat-bed truck floats are pretty standard, though certainly less effort. The Red Hat ladies zooming around in their golf carts and ATVs looked to be having a lot of fun.The military vehicle with the arm that moved up and down was interesting, but still not what I'd pick.One of the beautiful cars--I'd like to ride in them, but the speed is a little wasted at 3 mph.
There were certainly a lot of beautiful horses, but...well...there were so many of them. And so I believe I would choose....

...the ZEBRA! Very original and fun.
Since it was the Clovis Rodeo Parade and there were a lot of horses, one zebra, and who knows what else, the very efficient last "entry" down the parade route was the street sweepers.
I'm glad the there was nothing to step in on the way back to the car!
My nephew started to get a bit tired and so he did not enjoy the entries at the end nearly as much. I looked over and said, "Is he glaring at them?"
Really, I think it was more zoning out than glaring, because right after that was this cute face:
After the parade we made a quick stop at Target.As bright as his outfit was in the parade in a sea of orange shirts, it was shockingly bright in the store lights!

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JHRME said...

Whew! youre right! Tht is one bright orange shirt1 I think id like to ride a horse...a brown one. But Id also like horse riding skills to magically show up as well.