Friday, May 28, 2010

Back From the Wedding

Well, we made it through the drive--there and back again. The drive convinced me I would never make it as a truck driver or an on-the-road sales person. If we had more time in the places we passed through, that would be completely different. We did pass through some beautiful country. Beautiful lakes and mountains and trees.
The overcast skies and green, green trees are a different feel than our own forests. (Twilight, anyone?)
Later, we drove through some areas that made me want to visit Ireland again.The cliffs weren't quite as dramatic as the Cliff of Moher, but we also didn't leave the highway, so who knows what other beautiful sights we missed.
And for those of you who know how much I hate driving, and doubt that I did drive, I have the proof!
And I promise this is a blink and not me driving with my eyes closed.
I'm so glad I got to go see my grandma and her new house! She is making it beautiful, as she always does. The adventure to the park gave us an opportunity to get some fresh air, visit, wear beautiful knits that are too warm now in California, and expend some energy.

The wedding itself was beautiful. Kudos to Jessie and Luke for being such laid back, relaxed people, because I surely would not have done as good a job going with the flow with needing to change wedding/reception locations and dealing with weather problems. The wedding decorations turned out beautifully and the bride...of course beautiful as well. A very fun wedding perfectly suited to their personalities (Though Jessie, I did wait a long time to see if you would stay with the sailor-themed wedding from so long ago!)

And the obligatory photo holding my own camera. One surprise was that the wedding was moved indoors since the winds outside were so strong and the rain was not quite what they had envisioned for their wedding. The result? The shrug that would have been too light for outdoors was too warm for indoors! I did wear it for a picture, but not during the wedding or reception. Ahh, but ever so cute...
I'm sure I will have a lot of opportunities to wear it this summer, since I seem to be one of the few people I know who carries a sweater around in the heat of summer. (The change from 100+ degrees outside to cold and air conditioned inside means a sweater is always welcome!)
And...finally, I award the Cutest Ringbearer Alive Award. Tyler did such a wonderful job smiling and standing where he was supposed to stand. (I know he charmed the wedding photographer photographer.) No pictures here of the fake mustache, but cute...very cute.


JHRME said...

Im so glad you made it! That shrug is fantastic! Kudos! Kudos also to driving! That must be Oregon? Not such a bad place eh? :)

Maggie said...

I'm trying to picture tiny little you as a longhaul truck driver. Not working.