Saturday, March 20, 2010

Taxes and Family

Today I had the unhappy task of collecting all my information for taxes. It's something I have been dreading and, as usual, I put it off. All I have to find is one insurance paper and two property tax papers and I think I have it all. I say "I think" because every year, I always have the feeling that I am forgetting something important...something that, if I could only remember it, would make it so that I would get a HUGE tax refund. Alas, at this point that something eludes me...but it does feel good to have everything done. Now all that's left is to hand it off to the taxman for him to do his CPA magic! (Please be a refund, please be a refund!)

On a much happier way to end the day, we had an impromptu family gathering when it happened that everyone was in town from Washington/Idaho, Sacramento, Hanford, and Fresno. A delicious dinner and three kinds of pie...Yum!

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