Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Wedding Ring...Get to Sewing!

What an amazing group of ladies I got to spend the weekend with! Jessica and Luke have so many people who love them and contributed a block (or more) to a HUGE quilt for their wedding. I think it must be bigger than a king size. This weekend was the weekend to get all the collected blocks together and assembled. The first step was to get everything laid out and put in order so that it moved around the quilt in a rainbow...making sure to get Jessie's approval, of course ;)

After getting everything laid out and trimmed to be the same size, we needed a few more blocks to finish out the row. Here is one that Tanya and I did and one from my mom:

I dream of one day making my house as organized and creative as Cindy's house. Each room is decorated and so cute. Thanks for letting us use your house!

And, in case you were really does take three people to iron so many blocks--maybe we were being silly with the three people at the same time, but that's OK.

The finished project turned out beautifully...but so big Mark and Luke had to stand on step ladders for the picture. Much love to Jessica and Luke...I hope you love the quilt!


Tanya said...

Beautiful! I think this is what quilting/knitting/crafting is all about...Coming together to create. If only 3 people would come to my house to do ironing.

Needles And Ewe said...

The picture of you and me with our block is on your camera...if you share it I can put it up ;)

live a colorful life said...

SUCH a fun weekend!!